I am Guneet and this is my mostly-personal-but-also-professional space online. I work at Sputznik, a web development and design firm in Delhi, India. I am a technologist / developer / designer myself. If I am not working, I am probably busy with one of my many disconnected interests (equally many curses be upon the internet!), more about me here. Around the interwebs, I also go by the name mr november.

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This is a personal journal where I write notes, document ideas and post long-ish updates on things I am up to. Coupled with my mastodon feed on Fosstodon, where I have started to microblog, this is an attempt to reduce social network (read Twitter) performance pressures. To be more authentic in what I share and say in public, without taking up unnecessary space. Anyway, thanks for visiting!

  • Garden Update 1

    2020 is a strange year. I had not imagined getting an opportunity to do any sort of gardening anytime soon. But here we are – there is space, there is sun and there is time on hand. It started with mint and rosemary, and now the backyard is brimming with coriander, arugula, curry plant seedlings, […]

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  • Now that this website is public

    I'll be documenting what's next for this website here. I make a lot of lists but never at the right place and right time - hopefully this will be a reference for some time to come!

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  • Obsessed with Picrew

    Some months ago I found out about the avatar maker website Picrew. I do not know how to read Japanese, but that didn't stop me from spending multiple hours trying to make avatars of myself! This website's favicon is just one of the avatars that I made 🙂

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  • Saying goodbye to Flickr and hi to Chevereto

    Since the beginning of my photography hobby, I was using Flickr to share and manage albums worthy of public attention. Like many products, Flickr couldn't stay afloat without charging its users. So I have said goodbye to it and have instead decided to use Chevereto. Still need some time to reorganize the pictures though.

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